About Patriot Sanitation Management

Our Story

How we got here...

Patriot Sanitation Management's owner Ronald Williams established more than 27 years of customer service experience as co-owner of a Green Industry business that still serves central N.C. today. Together with his brother they grew their irrigation business into one of the most reputable in the industry, from a $500 pickup truck to a fleet of 11 trucks. Their success was based on one simple principle..."address the needs of the customer".

Ronald started Patriot with the same principle. After realizing the need for meaningful, reliable, personal relationships between a waste management company and their customers, he step up for the challenge.

A new direction...

In late 2010 Ronald left the green industry to start Patriot Sanitation Management, a commercial waste company operating in Wake county. With only national waste companies to compete against PSM has not only competed in the market but has excelled in growth exceeding expectations from other independent waste companies. He is please to say they have never lost a customer due to negligence of by misleading the customer.

We're growing in Raleigh NC!

At the request of many of our irrigation customers and market research, Patriot Sanitation Management has begun providing residential waste and recycling services in northern Wake county.

The Patriot Difference