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Residential Trash & Recycling Collection in Raleigh and Garner NC

Have you ever heard the expression "if your job in life is simply to pick up trash then be the best trash collector you can be"? Basically it means no matter how simple the task , do it to the best of your ability and people will appreciate your efforts. It may sound strange but as we travel through the streets of your neighborhood we are creating an image of who we are. The cleanliness of our trucks, the speed we travel, our willingness to navigate effortlessly with local traffic and the generosity we show, tells our customers we enjoy what we do.

Keeping your home and neighborhood clean is not just a question of public health, but of equal important it also promotes a brighter image of your neighborhood and property. It helps maintain your community and property value and relays to others that we all care and want to play our part.

Ultimately Patriot Sanitation Management's goal is to move the mind-set of the average customer from waste mentality to a recycling mentality. Did you know that over 75% of what the average consumer views as trash is actually recyclable? Through education and continued reminders it is our aim to extend the livelihood of our landfills by focusing on decreasing our garbage and increasing our recyclables. We hope you will take advantage of our low cost recycling program as well.

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Patriot Sanitation Management offers residential garbage and recycling services to homeowners located outside the northern city limits of Raleigh, Garner and Wake Forest NC. Our residential services are paid on a quarterly basis.

Residential Trash and Recycling Collection