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Reducing Waste to Cut Costs

Businesses can cut costs by reducing waste. When a business reduces their waste, they can:

  • save money on supplies
  • conserve materials and energy
  • reduce current waste disposal costs and guard against future disposal costs
  • avoid adding to the current environmental problems by producing and disposing of unnecessary materials

Reducing Waste the Easy Way

Making simple changes to procedures and work habits can help reduce the amount of waste a business produces. For paper waste, buying recycled paper, keeping mailing lists current and culling bad addresses can make a difference.  Also, reusing manila envelopes and making scratch pads from used paper can cut down on the paper waste a business produces. For internal communications, businesses can also circulate electronic copies of memos, documents and reports rather than making paper copies for all personnel. With advances in technology, businesses don’t even need to print pages out to collect employee signatures. Software and programs can electronically capture signatures negating the need to keep paper on file.

To save on packaging, order in bulk or choose from businesses that offer minimal packaging. For some suppliers, a business can even request not to over-package orders or to ship in returnable containers. Packing peanuts can be reused by your business or by someone else.

Equipment is also a place a business can reduce waste. Using re-manufactured equipment or investing in equipment that is high-quality and durable can keep e-waste out of the landfills. This also keeps a business from needlessly purchasing cheaper, flimsier equipment.

Implementing a Successful Waste Reduction Program

Developing and implementing an effective waste reduction program for a business can take a lot of planning and preparation. A business should study their waste stream and the costs associated with it and develop a waste reduction proposal. This will develop a baseline for all future efforts.

After there’s been a study and proposal completed, it’s time to lay the foundation. Goals should be set with clear waste reduction measures and policies. Speak with a waste management company for help to develop realistic goals and plans.

Once goals have been set, it’s time to get the program online. Businesses can start by educating their staff, promoting the new goals and plans and establishing monitoring and evaluation procedures.

Reducing waste lessens the impact a business has on the environment. It can also help achieve efficient cost savings and a better financial return for the business.


Most people don’t think too much about the trash we throw away… But some of us think about it a lot. At Patriot Sanitation Management, we’ve made it our business to figure out how to manage waste better. To learn more about our services, contact us today: (919) 773-8008 for your free commercial waste removal estimate.