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Selecting A Commercial Dumpster For Your Company

The question for many companies (and individuals) is whether they need a commercial dumpster for a one-time specific project or on a long-term basis. And the next question is whether to use a commercial roll-off or commercial front loader. A commercial roll-off dumpster is generally used for specific projects that have a start and end date. Construction sites, home remodels, demolition sites, yard waste and roof reconstructions are a examples of where commercial roll-off dumpsters are used. Alternatively, commercial front load dumpsters are more suited for scheduled waste removal at a specific location on a routine basis. For instance, businesses, office buildings, organizations, schools, universities, restaurants, churches, apartment buildings and condominiums would all use front-end loaders for waste removal… usually once or twice a week.

Companies are generally familiar with the waste removal process, but from time to time it is wise to re-evaluate your current and future needs. Part of this is reviewing your current waste removal company or those you might consider using in the future. The questions below may help in this evaluation… because not all waste removal companies are the same.

Low Cost/No Hassle Waste Removal

In the waste removal world, people generally want their waste to be out of sight and out of mind. Companies want waste removed quickly, efficiently and economically. Whether it’s a roll-off dumpster at a construction site, or a front load dumpster in an office park, the less time you spend thinking about waste removal, the more time you can invest in your business. However, “less expensive” is not always better… and the same can be said for “more expensive.” Low cost waste removal that is sporadic and unpredictable is just as bad as being overcharged by a waste removal company. Both cost and convenience should always be considered.

The cost of commercial waste removal is based upon a few factors, such as time of use, weight, location and type of waste. This is true for both roll-off dumpsters and front loaders. Maybe your business is growing, and you need additional waste removal services. Now is the time to consider the cost and whether bulk pricing is available.

Finally, some companies require lengthy year long contracts for front-load dumpsters (Patriot Sanitation does not require any sort of contract.) If you are in a contract that is coming up for renewal, you have the chance to explore alternative options.

Green/Environmental Initiatives

Perhaps your company has undertaken more social responsibilities, such as going green and being eco-friendly. This might be a time to consider whether your waste removal company offers recycling or other green services for both front load and roll-off dumpsters.

Changing Waste Removal Companies

Sometimes waste removal companies are just not living up to your expectations. Pick-up times are sporadic… or occur at inconvenient times. The prices are changing or are unpredictable. Beware the company that provides you with great service for the first or second month—and then disappears. There are several additional factors why you might want to change your waste removal company, including costs, customer service and scheduling. You can review your contract to see if you can change service without incurring any additional fees. Otherwise, if you are unsatisfied with your current service you can consult with an attorney to see what steps can be taken or whether the agreement has been violated.  

Selecting a commercial dumpster for your company should be a customer-friendly and effortless process. Whether it’s a roll-off or front load dumpster, all discussions should be haggle free… with full disclosure up front concerning costs, expectations and services.


Most people don’t think too much about the trash we throw away… But some of us think about it a lot. At Patriot Sanitation Management, we’ve made it our business to figure out how to manage waste better. To learn more about our services, contact us today: (919) 773-8008 for your free commercial waste removal estimate.